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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What weight should my Weighted Blanket be?
    The suggested formula for a Weighted Blanket by Occupational Therapists is 10% of the body weight. (Example: 150lb individual needs a 15lb Weighted Blanket.)

    What size Weighted Blanket should I get?
    The size of Melissa's Weighted Blankets varies based on the weight required for the individual because the sizes change based on the weight. The Small Weighted Blanket measures 30” x 48” and is available in 5lbs – 7lbs. The Medium Weighted Blanket measures 42” x 58” and is available in 9lbs – 13lbs. The Large Weighted Blanket measures 42” x 72” and is available in 14lbs – 20lbs. The Extra Large Weighted Blanket measures 58” x 80” and is available in 21lbs – 25lbs.

    What is used to fill Weighted Blankets?
    We only use glass beads in our blankets, which we consider to be the best option out there on the market. Our glass looks and feels just like sugar; it is soft to the touch, small in size and does not break or have any rough edges. It also allows for better airflow compared to plastic beading or polyfill which will help keep you from overheating during use.

    How do I wash and/or dry my Weighted Blanket?
    All of Melissa's Weighted Blankets can be machine washed on cold and tumble dried on low heat. Please refer to our Washing Instructions, which are included in every order.

    What kind of material are Weighted Blankets made with?
    Our signature blanket comes with one side fleece fabric and the other side flannel fabric. You are also able to choose either 100% Organic cotton, soft plush, or faux fur; these three styles come with matching front and back fabrics.

    What service is used to ship my order?
    U.S. Postal Mail and FedEx ships all of our orders.

    What are the shipping costs?
    Shipping cost varies based on the weight of your order and the location it is being delivered to. You can estimate shipping cost by putting your desired items in the shopping cart and entering your postal code then clicking ‘Estimate Shipping’ in the shopping cart area.

    Do you accept PO’s?
    Yes, we accept Purchase Orders.
    Mail check payments and PO's to:

    Melissa's Weighted Blankets

    15508 W. Bell Rd. 101-245

    Surprise, Arizona 85374
    PO's can also be faxed to: (623) 322-2463
    To get the shipping amount for a PO, add your products to a shopping cart. Then view the shopping cart and use the shipping estimator.

    Can weight be added or removed from weighted blankets?
    No, the weight is evenly quilted into a material that is sewn between your fabric choices. It cannot be adjusted once the Weighted Blanket is finished being made at our facilities.

    When will my order be shipped?
    All of our therapy products are handmade and shipped the next business day.

    Is a Weighted Blanket safe to use?
    Yes! However we kindly ask that you please view the Weighted Blanket Warnings before purchasing a Weighted Blanket.